The names of Rotterdam Ahoy car parks are the same as those stated on the ANWB traffic signs. The following is a summary of the car parks. At the bottom of this page, you will also find a map of Ahoy parking facilities.

A limited number of parking tickets will be made available in the run-up to the event.

P1 to P3

Reserved for P1 to P3 permit holders. This is the largest car park and located next to Rotterdam Ahoy. A parking permit is required to enter and exit the car park. Do you want to be assured of a parking spot next to Ahoy? Then buy a parking ticket now. For € 17.50 you can quickly and easily reserve a parking space with a parking guarantee.

For cars

For busses

P4 to P6

Reserved for P4 to P6 permit holders. These car parks can be found immediately next to halls 2 to 6 and the Ahoy Arena.

P7 - Zuidplein parking complex (Q-Park)

This covered parking complex is under the Zuidplein shopping centre across from Rotterdam Ahoy. Click here for more information.

P8 - P+R Slinge car park

Parking with an OV Chipkaart
You will receive an entrance ticket upon arrival at the P+R Slinge car park. When travelling further by public transport to and from Ahoy (remember to check out!), parking will only cost €2,00. You must always present your entrance ticket and the OV Chipkaart public transport pass with which you have travelled to the car park payment machine. Those not travelling by public transport are subject to a parking fee of €0.50 per 18 minutes, to a maximum daily amount of €17,00.

A maximum period of 1 hour is allowed between checking out at the station and leaving the car park. If you remain parked for longer than this period, you will be charged the applicable rate for the additional time.

Opening hours
The P+R car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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