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World top present in wheelchair tournament

11 January 2022
World top present in wheelchair tournament

No less than nine players from the global top 10 will make an appearance during the ABN AMRO World Wheelchair Tennis Tournament. Leader of the field Alfie Hewett will defend his 2021 title. The Dutch contribution is formed by Tom Egberink and Maikel Scheffers. The wheelchair tournament will be played simultaneously with the ATP tournament in Rotterdam Ahoy from Thursday 10 to 13 February 2022.

Tournament director Esther Vergeer: "The world’s top wheelchair tennis players like to come to Rotterdam. Our starting list shows that, which includes no fewer than eight players from the global top 10. Eye-catchers are of course Gordon Reid and Alfie Hewett, who won the Grand Slam in doubles last year. With the winners of Paralympic Gold in doubles, Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer, the competition is very strong and we are in for a great tournament.”

Dutch contribution
The Dutch contribution is formed by Tom Egberink and Maikel Scheffers. Scheffers was awarded the wildcard for the tournament. It will be Scheffers’ 14th participation: since 2009 he has been continuously present at the tournament.

The entire entrylist can be found at our players page

Follow live from start to finish
The tournament can be followed from start to finish through various media. All matches can be seen live via the live stream of the tournament itself. In addition, Ziggo Sport Tennis provides a daily update in the run-up to the ATP match at 7.30 pm. The final will be broadcast by the NOS and NOS.nl and an extensive summary can be seen around the final of the ATP tournament on Sunday afternoon.

What is unique is that the summary of the final is broadcast worldwide, creating an enormous reach. Esther Vergeer: "It is great to see how the media attention for the wheelchair tournament is growing year after year. We are very proud of how much attention we get. We are looking forward to getting started again, hopefully with many fans following the games.”


Nr        Player                                 Ranking

1          Alfie Hewett                              2

2          Gustavo Fernandez                 3

3          Gordon Reid                             4

4          Stephane Houdet                    6

5          Tom Egberink                           7

6          Nicolas Peifer                           8

7          Martin de la Puente                9

8          Tokio Oda                                10

9           Daniel Caverzaschi               11

10         Takuya Miki                           14

11         Jeff Vandorpe                       15



12        Maikel Scheffers                   16   

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