ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament chooses for fans

25 January 2022
ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament chooses for fans

The 49th ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament will do everything in its power to enable 1,250 fans per session at the event.

After the earlier announcement that the tournament was to be held without an audience, lots of fans indicated that they want to visit the tournament, to enjoy the worldclass players live.

They accept the fact that this will be an edition without the wide array of activities for which the tournament is knwon. To heed that call, it was decided to look into the possibilities how visitors can be admitted, with the goal of a maximum number of 1,250 per session.

Many practical challenges will have to be overcome in the coming days. People who already own a ticket will be contacted first. As soon as further information is available, it will be published on the website.


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