Top Players in ABN AMRO World Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

02 February 2021
Top Players in ABN AMRO World Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Gustavo Fernandez and Alfie Hewett, number 2 and 3 in the world, are the stars of the 13th ABN AMRO World Wheelchair Tennis Tournament. The Dutch contribution is formed by Tom Egberink and Maikel Scheffers, for whom the tournament is an important stop on the way to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The wheelchair tournament will be played from 4 to 7 March in Rotterdam Ahoy.

Tournament Director Esther Vergeer: "It is great to see that the players want to come to Rotterdam again. With this list you are assured of spectacular matches. Defending champion Hewett is of course one of the top favourites, but Gustavo Fernandez also has two titles to his name in Ahoy for good reason. ”

In addition to Fernandez and Hewett, several of the world's top players can be watched in action. Former winners Gordon Reid and Stephane Houdet know what a win in Rotterdam means, but they can count on fierce competition from Joachim Gerard, Nicolas Peifer and Takashi Sanada, who are also part of the top 10. Outsiders for the title are Daniel Rodrigues, Takuya Miki and Martin de la Puente, who round up the dozen entrants.

Tournament Director Esther Vergeer: "Of course I am proud of the entrylist, but what I am even more proud of is that the tournament continues. It is great to see that we are now so inextricably linked to the ATP Tournament that everyone was convinced that the wheelchair tournament should also continue. ”

Follow it online

The tournament can be followed from the first until the final match, via the livestream on A summary of the final will be broadcast on NOS and on all stations worldwide that broadcast the ATP final.



            Nr         Player                                   Ranking

            1          Gustavo Fernandez                   2

            2          Alfie Hewett                                3

            3          Joachim Gerard                           4

            4          Gordon Reid                                 5

            5          Stephane Houdet                       6

            6          Nicolas Peifer                              7

            7          Tom Egberink                              8

            8          Takashi Sanada                         10

            9          Daniel Rodrigues                      11

            10        Takuya Miki                               12

            11        Martin de la Puente                 13

            12        Maikel Scheffers                       14

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