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Application for accreditation
Yearly, the numbers of applications exceed the available amount of press accreditations. Therefore accreditation will NOT be granted automatically. After returning the accreditation form, one will be informed by the organisation whether an application has been granted or evoked.

Representatives of (inter)national daily newspapers, (inter)national News Agencies, (inter)national radio or TV broadcasters and other (inter)national sports media will have priority.

Freelance journalists or photographers need to be supported by the editor of one of the above mentioned media, in writing. Previous accreditations or accreditation for other sport events, do not guarantee an actual accreditation.

Students will not be granted an accreditation.

For more information concerning accreditation, please contact Ms Nina Meeuwes via n.meeuwes@ahoy.nl.

Requests for interviews or other PR activities with the tournament director Richard Krajicek, can be sent to Mr Dimitri Bonthuis via dimitri@bonthuis.nl

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