If I already had tickets for 2021 or 2022, will I be the first to qualify?
People who already have tickets, whether they're 2021 rollover tickets or 2022 tickets, will be the first to qualify. They will receive an email in the weekend of January 30th, asking whether they want to use the tickets or rather roll them over to 2023.
Based on the responses, we will check whether there are enough places available. If not, we will draw lots to determine who will get tickets for this year or who will get tickets for next year.
I have requested a refund, am I eligible?
Unfortunately not. Once the refund process has been initiated, we cannot undo this. We understand this is not ideal, but due to the circumstances being changed so unexpectedly, we can't revert it.
How does it work if I already have tickets?
If you already have tickets, you don't really need to do anything. You will receive an email with information about how the process works. If you are drawn in you will receive tickets for 2022, if you are drawn out you will receive tickets for 2023.
Will there still be ticket sales for 2022?
Yes. If we know how many tickets are available after contacting the existing ticket holders, we will offer them through our ticket page. https://www.abnamrowtt.nl/en/tickets-and-visitors/ticket-sales
I see tickets for sale on another site, is that possible?
No. There are currently no ticket sales. We only sell tickets through CM.com, our official ticket partner. If you buy them elsewhere, there is a chance that you will pay too much or that the tickets will not be valid.
If I already had tickets, will I have the same seat?
We sort everyone as much as possible according to the rank for which you have bought a ticket. However, due to the 1.5 meters distance, we cannot guarantee that you are in the sport you reserved earlier. If you have bought a courtside ticket, for example, you may have to sit on the 1st ring and vice versa is also possible. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the difference in ticketprice for this.
I have not received an email to transfer tickets?
In some cases we do not have the correct email address in our database (for example, it may have changed). In that case, after checking your spam folder, we request that you send an email to info@abnamrowtt.nl, stating the name, photo or printout of the tickets and the correct email address and mobile number. Then we can make it right.
I won tickets to for the tournament. When can I receive them?
Due to limited capacity, we give priority to people who have bought tickets. Tickets for giveaways will not be issued from within the tournament. People who have won a ticket elsewhere should contact the party in question.
What do I have to do to enter Rotterdam Ahoy?

In addition to a valid admission ticket, we check for the Corona Admission Ticket (vaccination, test or recovery certificate). All information about this can be found at: https://coronacheck.nl/nl/
At what time can I enter Ahoy?
The doors of the Arena open at the following times:
Day session ticket on Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. (match starts at 11 a.m.)
Day session ticket on Saturday: 12 noon (match starts at 1 p.m.)
Evening session ticket Monday to Saturday: 6.30 p.m. (match starts at 7.30 p.m.)
Finals day on Sunday: doors open at 12 noon (match starts at 12.45)
What are the side events in Rotterdam Ahoy?
Because it is the intention that visitors stay in their seat as much as possible, there are no shops with tennis clothing and there are also no Shops & Bites and Sportsplaza this year. The matches and training sessions in the other hall cannot be visited either. We do sell food and drinks through the catering points.
Can I see all matches?
During the day sessions (between 11am and 6pm), visitors can watch all matches on center court. Matches on Court 1 cannot be visited.
During the evening session (between 7:30 PM and 10:00 PM), visitors can only watch the first match on center court (which starts at 7:30 PM). After this match, the visitors must leave Rotterdam Ahoy.
Can I visit the practice courts?
Training sessions cannot be visited, because visitors have a fixed reserved place and cannot walk through the building.
Can I visit the qualifying tournament?
No. It is not possible to visit the matches of the qualifying tournament this year.
Can I photograph during the tournament?
In accordance with the Ahoy guidelines, it is not allowed to take pictures during events. In practice, it appears that enforcement of this rule is difficult, especially with mobile phones with a camera. We therefore use as a guideline that the use of professional equipment is not permitted. One of the features for a camera that is not allowed is, for example, whether the lens can be replaced.
How can I get an autograph or photo with my tennis idol?
Unfortunately, this will not be possible in the upcoming edition due to COVID-19. Players must remain in a 'bubble' and therefore cannot have their picture taken with people who are not in the bubble.
How do I know which player is playing at what session during the tournament?
The draw for the main tournament takes place prior to the tournament. After that, a daily program is made by the tournament director and the ATP. The program for the next day is always posted on this website around 6 pm.
Can I come and work or do an internship during the tournament?

Rotterdam Ahoy regularly has vacancies and/or internships. For this you can contact the HR department of Ahoy (e-mail address: werk@ahoy.nl). No employees or trainees will be hired for the tournament itself.
Can I receive (financial) data about the tournament to carry out an investigation or can someone from the tournament help me about this?
Unfortunately this is not possible. All information that is public can be found on this website.
Can I interview and/or take pictures of a player or arrange a press accreditation for my club magazine?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Press accreditations are exclusively for the professional media.
My son/daughter wants to be a ball boy/girl. What should she do for this?
All ball children have already been selected, this is no longer possible.
On which dates will the tournament be held in 2023 and when can I purchase tickets for this?
The 50th edition of the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament will take place from 4 to 12 February 2023. We will announce in due time when ticket sales will start: keep an eye on our newsletter and social media.
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